Little efforts worth nothing

Since young, I’ve come across elderly who teaches me about facts of life.

When I was in secondary school, Mr Yip, who stayed 2 blocks away from me talked to me about girls when we were strolling to school in the early morning. He was a psychology student. He asked me about my relationship life and I told him shamefully about my failures. I was enlightened by him that even though I had done so much and all was useless; all the efforts I spent were probably down the drain. For so many tiny sweet things I could do, they couldn’t be compared to a major thing other guys would do.

For example, you love a girl so much that you think about her every now and then. You worry so much for her, care about her health and her moods. She knows about it. Another guy buys 99 stalks of flowers for her. The impact is a big difference.

As time passes by, I begin to realise the same concept applies to most of the things in life. I know clearly how things go, but I refuse to apply the rules. I love to do things quietly for others, not expecting any reward; if they ever find out, I just hope for some appreciation. But little things are too insignificant.

It just happens too frequently, cunning people know how to put on acts in front of superiors, and then they sleep their ways through the day. Whereas for those who strife hard are never seen or thought of, so belittled by the big shots.

Sometimes I blame myself for not adapting to the circumstances and being stubborn. At least I know my self conscience is clear, which gives me less fears in life. If only I’d a choice, I wouldn’t have stayed in a place where only obvious fakery contribution can be recognised.

If you say life isn’t about unfairness, you’re probably deceiving yourself.

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