Money flows

I’ve bought a new wallet last Friday.

The old one is so bulky that it’s difficult to slip into my pocket. It’s still usable but I really want a small and lighter one, which can be carried easier.

I don’t know what’s a good brand and I don’t really bother. It’s just the design and shape that bothers. Actually, I didn’t have much consideration before purchasing because the design was identical to what I had planned for.

It’s just for $9.90, too cheap for any spoilt brat.

At home, I give a pause and check my balancing account, realising out of a sudden, cash has been plundered away. I’ve been spending so much recently.

The weird thing is that I haven’t been pampering myself with the money, but instead, spending them on birthday presents. They aren’t so expensive if my friends have returned me their shares, which they’ve most probably forgotten. Little money accumulates as well and finally into large amount when it comes to food and drinks especially for the damn blending machines.

I can’t stop thinking why people can’t be even half as considerate as me, when I’m still far away from being a saint. It could be this selfishness within everyone, including me, but for me, there’s this foolishness that overwhelms everything.

I need more control, though many things are beyond my capability. Things that should be spent should be spent, and on worthy things and people.

I need to live on without any regrets.

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