MSN 7.5 is out since don’t-know-when. I didn’t try the actual one since there’s a patch file. The obvious new feature is the voice clip, which I haven’t tried since the back of this CPU is unreachable to insert microphone. It doesn’t sound interesting after all. At least for new, my auto idle away is fixed and nobody would be mistaken when I’m away.

I logged into my old MSN account ( sillydumb[remove-this] ), amazed to find out not everyone had deleted me yet; even some were already inside my new account ( sillydumb[remove-this] ).

I didn’t add everyone back, but leave them a choice to add me into my new account. I sent emails and posted Friendster bulletin to inform them. I was weird, because most of them didn’t talk to me and I didn’t know if they wanted to, or they had already abandoned their accounts.

There was a sudden feel of innocent and naiveness to see some of the familiar nicknames and email addresses. I wasn’t dwelling into the past, just happened to enjoy the sweet memories.

Life used to be better. That was when everyone was more innocent. With less responsibility, everyone seemed more cheerful. Even though people used to bombard me with questions endlessly, it was much better than now.

Life used to be good.

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