My perfect couple

It’s a good match – the guy’s cute and the girl’s gorgeous.

But the girl is soft and careful, who has deep thoughts and unique analysis. She’s someone who would never let her thought out, expecting him to read her mind through her actions. Whereas he’s somehow a block head. He doesn’t know what’s romantic and how much time she expects from him.

They’ve been together for so long, through hardship and disagreements. There’ve been rejections from parents, intrudes of rivalry and also personal problems, but everything is still in place after all these years.

She’s a sweet girl all guys would want, but probably can’t be understood or tamed easily. You never know how crazy she would sacrifice for love, and able to withstand and accept all hardship and flaws.

Often she would complain that he’s a jerk, so inconsiderate and rough; but deep in her mind, she knows what’s good about him, that makes her cling on to the relationship all these years. For me, I’d say he’s a devoted man, who will try to compensate time to both his girl and friends, without abandoning any. He has also what all girls would need; a family business to run that’s more than sufficient to support his girl.

They quarrel often, like a daily routine, but still manage to keep up the relationship. Each time it seems like the end of the story. I try hard to resolve, pausing and going through each line at least thrice before spilling out. Each time they frighten me so much; each time seems so tedious, awkward and time-consuming for me, but I’m doing it willingly for the sake of my perfect couple in mind.

It isn’t for me for all the good words and excuses that patch them up, but the true love they’ve long ago engraved in their hearts.

Now that it’s a new challenge for them, both have been so negative about their thoughts. Words are harsh and white lies are being told. They just seem so unconcern in appearance, but definitely not inside their hearts. Pride just makes things worse.

If you ever wonder why are there so many problems, love is the answer, that makes one jealous or over-protective.

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