My Thera-Band

I’m trying very hard to follow my pretty physiotherapist’s directions to exercise. Although I still have lots of doubts with my knees injuries. They gave me pains since the field camp days when I was still in so good condition, recovering and since the intensive carrying of things and walking, climbing, knee caps started to loosen; it’s not just a long term wear and tear so simple.

I’ve been using the Thera-Band, which is quite troublesome. Now that I realise it’s simple to tie my leg to the stand of the wheel chair inside my office (no normal ones), where I try to straighten my leg.

Sem asked me to get one for him and it was a difficult task. I’ve gotten it from SGH and even though I’ve the 11B to get it for free, I can’t just name any number of them, not even to lie that my Thera-Band is torn when it’s supposed to be so flexible and enduring.

Besides using the Thera-Band, I’m doing the exercise of lifting my straightened legs up to 45 degree and hang in the air while lying down. I used to be able to do it for more than 3 minutes and managed to maintain the timing after for half years. Now, I’m struggling at 1 minute. Something is seriously wrong.

Stretching is a simple since I can do it at any place, lift up my leg at the back and make sure my thigh can feel the tension. However, stretching is different from straightening the muscle, and I need more muscle to hold my knee caps firm.

My back’s condition has worsened after seeing the MMI physiotherapist. I’ve stopped the gym session for around 3 weeks because of that congressed review session which I circled less problems in the survey form and made her mistake that my condition was improving. She has reduced the number of my gym session from 4 to 3.

I’m very frustrated over the aching. I don’t want to have intensive strengthening of all muscle to keep them away. I’m a man who loves freedom. I want to be carefree and do things at my own pace. I’m packed with work and I don’t have time to exercise daily. At least, don’t expect me to start working out when I get home from camp in sweat and bad mood.

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