Next time perhaps

I’ve drunk so much tonight. Not any alcoholic drinks, but the pool water. It has been long since I drop into the swimming pool and stretch myself inside. Maybe due to my lack of practising that I’ve forgotten how to swim, or the physiotherapy session earlier on is quite painful, I’ve swallowed so much water. I’m drunk.

Anyway, I had gone for physiotherapy in the afternoon, rushed home to get changed and then went out to meet Anqi w-i-t-h-o-u-t bathing. She changed location and was late for so long just because she was playing mahjong with her friends. It was okay if she didn’t lose money.

I met Laixing at Queensway again at the Yonnex shop. I couldn’t remember his face because he had changed so much. Sad thing was that I had met him quite a few times since years ago already.

It was carrot’s 21st birthday celebration! I mean Mikeller. I met up with Mingfa to go to Jimmy’s place. Tanglin View was so beautiful, excluding Jimmy’s house, which wasn’t that neat. Carrot was still as cute as before. Whereas her pretty sister reminded Mingfa and I of Huiyi and the way she spoke sounded like Karin.

It wasn’t very nice when I didn’t know most of her friends. Jimmy was there of course, and then I met Stephanie and Daphne. It was good that she didn’t forget to ask Mingfa and I to join in the photo taking session. Anyway I had taken the first photo with her up at Jimmy’s house. My hand should be up at her shoulder. Oh well, next time perhaps.

I didn’t even take much food. Mingfa had to leave early and we left without taking the cake. I could have stayed to help clear up the place but I didn’t want to be the odd one out loner there. I stayed so near but, well, next time perhaps.

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