Thank specialists

They say it’s very common case; they say I’m still young so it’s okay. So I’ve to live with it, till I get older and it worsens, they’d attend to me cautiously.

Right now they aren’t doing anything for me. Since I’ve suffered for more than 5 years, they think I should continue to wait for another half year before they’d me for a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) screening.

They say I’ve Osgood Schlatter ( disease for my knee, yet they say it’s so common and unimportant. The x-ray shows nothing and I can’t ask for more.

I’m given plasters, painkillers and medicine to stop gastric pain caused by the painkillers.

I ask if I’d recover, and they say only until after ORD. Why don’t they just recommend me PES F then?

Without the MRI for my back, the MO can’t recommend me for downgrade, in case the medical board would close my case if it fails.

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