The commander's meeting

I got stuck inside the room and the commander’s conference was on. I was supposed to bring the projector over but I became the technician who had to stay there.

It was nice to know what was actually happening in the upper level of the institute. Sometimes it just gave me cold sweat. But since I’d talked to some of them before, it wasn’t that frightening and I knew there were always some people to save me if anything cocked up.

I didn’t know their meeting could last so long. Every department had to report on their current events and developments. Then suddenly, some people came in to present on their system that was supposing to help operate the camp better. I thought I’d be more interested but the clicking of the site bored me till I almost feel from the chair just behind the commander.

They should consult all the staffs before deciding whether to purchase the product, since so many other people could be the final end users. Well, it wasn’t my money anyway.

After the vendors left, they resumed the meeting. The most interesting part was when they showed the photos of a few cadets on the screen. I didn’t know they would take each cadet’s performance so thoroughly. Then, I wondered did they flash my photo few months ago when the terrestrial team tried so hard to get drivers over.

Anyway, the setting up and tearing down of the projector had tortured me once again on my back. I didn’t know how long I could struggle on.

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