The interesting guard mounting

Guard mounting was never so long before. I’ve to ask why it’s me again.

The coolest thing was that 2LT Lee was the DO, Wilson was the BOS and James was the 2IC. I supposed it was a peaceful night after the parade and it would be perfect if the parade didn’t cock up. They were nice people after all, and the trainees were lucky.

It started off when 2LT Lee claimed that Wilson wasn’t familiar with the new guard mounting system. They decided to march off before the flag was lowered down. After the “actual” one was conducted, they were ready to march off and SSG Wilfred stepped in to discuss before they decided to do a proper one. The rehearsal went on again and soon I finally got to see them in real action again.

Although the 3 new flag bearers had just practised some time ago, I still had to prompt them. When the flags were down and music stopped, the centre flag still couldn’t be untied. 2LT Lee didn’t wait for them before carrying on with the last part of the parade.

By then, I had already kept the speaker and ready to lock the door, just waiting for the whistle. I was sighing as I saw the cloth touched the ground and luckily nobody else had seen it.

The guard duty personnel were still in the parade square and one of them ran towards the chin-up bars. I was stunned when he came back with his field bag, which usually should be taken after they went back to the guard house.

I let off a sigh of relief when the flag bearers were back. Then, I walked them to the guard house to return the flags. I told the guy named Kelvin to turn left in Chinese but he turned right instead and he tried to confirm again without knowing it was the toilet.

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