The lost phone

Jonathan has lost his mobile phone the previous day. All fault lies on himself for not taking care of it.

He has been placing his phone all around the office since when I know him. Looking at it, sometimes it just makes me so tired because I can’t just assume it’s not there.

I was down at the tentage at the parade square to take over Reuben voluntarily for the IKC2 week because the weather was hot. Jonathan had replied his friend’s SMS and abandoned his phone on the table and left the office with Yuqing.

I can’t understand for the office is much more secure now with the cupboards acting as walls, separating the door from out “secret” working area and how can the phone go missing?

A few of our guys are also inside the office at that point of time, but most probably half asleep. Any noise would probably alert them due to the fear of Shep coming over, especially with the sound made by our wind vane tied on the back of the door.

Hopefully it’s not internal job and hopefully someone’s just playing punk on him.

The phone may be in a very poor condition, too cheap to sell away, but the contact numbers certainly worth a lot.

This would serve a teaching to everyone, not to dump important stuffs around. I’d be speechless if it’s lost when being kept properly. Though we can’t prevent such mishap, at least we can reduce the risk.

May he get back Xiaoqing’s number.

Actually I’m quite afraid of the condition of my phone as well. The Nokia 3120 doesn’t have infra ray or Bluetooth, and the data transfer cable doesn’t work. I can’t transfer my picture or midi files in, and the worst thing is I can’t backup anything. Since memory of the SIM card is too small, I’d go crazy if the phone ever breaks down or be misplaced.

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