The power of DIY

Often, when you ask someone to do something, it’ll never be done; no one knows how important it is other than you and no one is so stupid to sacrifice like you.

I see the need to do things by myself. Over the years, I’ve experienced and seen many successful stories. I’m being taught the importance of overseeing everything by myself.

It’s not that I don’t trust, but people keep failing me. It’s also my responsibility to spot mistakes.

But I’ve been on my own. Problems befall daily and it’s more than a challenge to being able to handle them. Sometimes I do get tired. I try to close my eyes and leave everything for reliable people; nothing seems to work out right.

Must I really handle everything on my own? I’m a man, not a million; I’ve a pair of hands, not a thousand. I’m a man, not a saint; not an influence to everyone to get things done.

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