365 days

The whole week has been hellish.

Tuesday I stayed back late for guard mounting; Wednesday I went early for Marshalling; Thursday I went damn early to set up for parade; Friday I left camp late for office duty.

Of course, this isn’t as bad as in the past. And twice, I went home slightly earlier because of my physiotherapy sessions.

Guard mounting’s music has been cancelled because commander thinks it’s pointless to stay back just for it. However, the team is going to be involved in flag lowering in future, which is unfair.

I don’t mind helping and sharing work with the lovely people from other teams but it’s logically wrong to demand this, unless everyone is going to help stay back for night training as well. Since inequality is always the trend in army, I shall not protest; and since the leaders keep quiet, I’ve no say over this.

I’ve been shagged out every day. I’ve to brush my teeth in the middle of night because of dozing off in the late evening.

365 more days to go on – I don’t know if I can take it any longer. The word ORD smells too far away.

This life has changed me so much, to a more temperate person. I’m being disappointed again and again, no matter how much efforts I’ve spent.

I’m not a debater, nor am I a good speaker. There’re too many injustice to readdress, unfairness to speak up, but not up to my capability to express and contribute.

I remember how I used to stand up for everything that shouldn’t be happening, and now that I’m too powerless to do anything. My faith staggers and my principles await prosecution.

Just 365 more days to go and I’ll stand on my feet again.

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