Another night

This Wednesday, I stayed overnight in camp with Kwang Han, sharing the bunk with Hendren, who kindly took us in. It was all for the parade in the early Thursday morning.

Dinner was at the MacDonald’s with Kwang Hang and Rehan, after which, Hendren joined in. The only entertainment was to look at girls, especially the cashier, who we dared Rehan to approach. The scenery wasn’t good, except for a skinny girl who went for studying. After Rehan left, Kwang Han abandoned us to play games with his friend.

Hendren and I went back to camp. It wasn’t the first time I stayed in camp ever since passing out from course, but this bunk was more presentable than Ganesan’s one. Lying on the bed, I couldn’t help thinking of the past, the only period of time in the army which I enjoyed – signal course.

I missed the time when we looked into Terry’s phone to see the message “I’ll make you happy..”, laughed over Siyan’s job to write a report for the platoon everyday and got scolded by Mohan for his block letters and uncreativeness, Tze Keong drew some craps to create laughers and Wilson finished the combat ration which suspected rats had given a bite.

I couldn’t forget Xiangxin sharing his candies with me, Kenneth came into my bunk to lie down on Nelson’s bed or get food which everyone disliked, Jasper frequently came in to make sure I wasn’t bored and Tianlong accompanied the sickly me when everyone else had gone for night out.

I remembered the nights we secretly played Uno cards together at the empty room next door until midnight, the night we went up to level six and failed to haunt for ghosts, we teased Ganasan for buying VCDs from a sweet girl from Laserflair and Terry abandoned us to have dinner with his not-pretty friend at the Pizza Hut.

I dozed off early. The bed was actually more comfortable than my house’s.

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