Boring steamboat

I ought to be shot for overusing my SMS (short message service). For just three days, I can use more than two hundreds of them. Then, I’ve bee reduced to such pathetic state that I don’t reply to any message.

It was a challenge to organise outing without using SMS. I had to keep calling the person when he didn’t pick up his phone. In fact, it was good in some ways that the intention of that person could be heard through his tone – but not all.

Tze Khit asked for the steamboat outing, Weitat and I did the calling. It was always me doing the shit. And again, I wouldn’t mind if response was good. I couldn’t stand people who changed from green to red light at the very last minute, not even those who couldn’t make up their minds.

Since my elder brother had brought his camera with him to Thailand, I could only turn to the free BenQ one, which was missing. I left house without camera, feeling uncomfortable.

It was the most boring steamboat outing I had ever attended. People were late more nearly an hour and there were only thirteen of us, four I didn’t talk to. The food didn’t feed my appetite and the cripple table made cooking difficult. I didn’t crap as much as in the past. There were jokes but I seemed to be trying hard to make myself laugh. I shouldn’t go in the first place in my cough.

I couldn’t stop recalling and comparing. I thought about unfairness too and the angel on my ear told me I should stop everything. I needed to spend my time on useful things for my future instead of wasting time on trying to piece a broken puzzle with missing pieces back.

It seemed to be a weird night for me. I was quite worried for Wilson and Pauline since I didn’t know what was still going on between them. Then, I recklessly tried to switch off the steamer, pushing the metallic tip down for more than a second which didn’t work and instead, burnt my index finger. I couldn’t believe I was so foolish.

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