Can't stand it

It has been a thousand times I tell myself not to bother with selfish people, but the anger can’t subside.

With a little effort, just by doing his own part, it can bring out so much difference. Why does he instead, want to put others into misery?

Has he attained immortality that he needs not care about what others feel about him? He’s the one who’s going to challenge the phrase “no man is an island”. He gives no damn except to his superiors.

If you were to ask me why am I so moody, I wouldn’t have responded. But once we leave the place I can tell you I’ve failed to put things in correct place, which greatly depresses me. His presence brings me down and forbids me from speaking. It’s not that I hate him, but I can’t stand unfairness, selfishness, theft, bootlicking and hypocrisy.

It was his second time to sign after he received the keys and first time to check the room, in the presence of the new superior, and that he might have other motives.

I really wish it won’t bother me anymore because I’ve my own problems and more important things are there for me to stress about.

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