End of world

She discharged me!

It wasn’t because I had recovered, but she thought I could do all the stretching and strengthening myself.

Could I?

She did give a one-month open date appointment, but it was only for if my condition ever worsened. Since I couldn’t fake anything, I had to take the path alone from then on.

It used to be the motivation that I had to answer to her that I tried my best to work out at home. Everyday after reaching home from camp, too tired to do anything, but the approaching appointment date pushed me.

In the past, I got to do all the correct exercises at least once a fortnight during the appointments. I didn’t mind being worn off and did even more than what was required, so as to cover up for the daily lack of exercise.

Given the appointments, I didn’t manage to do the exercise on a daily basis; and now the future seemed so vague.

As she announced it, it seemed like the end of world. I was too stunned to do anything. I muttered, knowing nothing could change the fact. The sudden depression put my mind in a daze soon. I forgot to ask her for a report for my MO.

I turned mute whenever I wanted to ask her for contact number. I used to have some good conversation with her. She talked about her sister and sometimes I teased her.

It was the end of the interaction with my pretty physiotherapist.

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