Great weather

It’s so funny when you see the grey sky and call the weather forecast station, which confirms there’ll be rain in the next three hours; two hours later, the sun shines over the land.

So I sat in front of the computer, too sleepy to do anything since I had waked up too early. There was anger in my heart, but I didn’t know who to curse. Feeling lifeless, I started playing the outdated Team Fortress Classic with the bots, too simple to achieve any satisfactory.

There was a frustration in my mind, felt so lost suddenly. Jacky Chan’s old movie kept me accompanied and I had some dips of dreams.

I was too restless to make anything happen, until I started off with reading for photography. The menu of my brother’s Olympus C-750 came handy and finally I realised it had a voice recorder function. Dumb me.

Yuqing and Jianwei had a talk with me. Money and girls were the main issues. Yuqing was getting his driving license soon, whereas I was still far from touching the basic theory paper. Sometimes I did wish that I’ve a rich dad to support my lessons and a car – I didn’t have one.

I hesitated to get a pair of contact lens. It’d add burden to my pocket and time. Sometimes I couldn’t help hating my spectacle, which seemed like an ugly mask on my face. The worst thing was during sport games, it moved up and down to block my vision, and often, kissed the floor. What an afternoon of struggle.

I get so tired of life because decisions are thorns. If only I could get back my confidence that I gained during primary school days, I wouldn’t hesitate.

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