He flies off to Thailand

My elder brother has left for Thailand on a holiday trip. It’s so cool that his company has paid for the whole packet which includes the 5-stars hotel accommodation over there.

It’s good for him to enjoy himself there since he has been working so hard for the past few months, including weekends.

However, the problem arises when he takes his Olympus camera away with him. Now that going out without the ten times optical zoom camera, it’s so inconvenient for me. However, I’m the one who advise him to bring it over instead of the other lousy one. Hopefully he would bring some good pictures back.

Poor Jack will be lonelier with his “dad’s” absence. Nobody’s going to bath him and clean his cage, therefore my house is going to be smellier and my mum won’t let him run around.

I want to go too if I’ve the chance, because it’s time to grow up and explore the world. I know I must work hard.

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