If I have a say

When I was young and deeply fascinated by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms show, I never wanted to be a commander.

I never wanted people to mistake that I was doing things for favouritism. It wasn’t good to order people around; and also, working behind the scene and getting no credit was the best way to prove my sincerity in getting any job done.

I had been going through years of brain-washing, doing my best to satisfy everyone, thus decisions were tough to be made. I cared too much about fairness, that I became so fickle-minded.

Over the years, especially ever since enlisted, I realise listening to instruction is a foolish thing to do. There’re too many practising of unfairness and carelessness and it always reflects upon me that I should do something, which I’m powerless to handle.

From then on I’m trying hard to get stronger each day. There’re too many things which I’ve to do personally. At least now I know I’ve to try to be a leader, then I’ll be able to address to more corruption and unfairness.

It may be soon before my determination wears off, moreover with the disabilities, incapability and surrounding factors, it requires double efforts.

Things that have to be done have to be done.

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