Have you ever got so frustrated when you’ve tried your best but things are beyond your control?

You did your job, unlike others, at the very last minute when everyone has left and you went up to check the room. You were satisfied with everything, and went back to lock up the office, then you received calls. You were told that he had dropped by to return a key when you were doing your job and you now had to wait for him to get changed before coming over. So you spent your next 10 minutes waiting while you saw the last bus approached. The keys were back and you realised someone had signed in since long ago when the keys weren’t back. You dashed to the DO room to return the office keys and the bus stopped, but as usual the DO wasn’t around, that you had to wait and miss the bus. Someone shouted for you and asked you to ignore and bring the keys home. You knew it’s forbidden and you knew it was a ridiculous rule. You had sweated so badly and it was only the second day of the week.

You couldn’t do anything except to waste your phone bill and your transport fee and you just couldn’t do anything to change the fate – your most cursed luck.

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