Morning news

I wake up feeling assured that I’ve done the right thing by staying home yesterday, but maybe should have gone out to take a walk by myself. After all it sounds more like a hint to me now.

There’re always things that I don’t want to witness, not that I want to avoid, but to leave things as they go by and not feel disturbed at the same time. I don’t wish to be brood over it, though I always feel uneasy and unfair. I shall safeguard the facts and let the story ends only in my heart.

It’s a boring week ahead. At least it’s easier to keep my exploded phone bill at a lower cost. My sweetest Jennifer has left for Hong Kong yesterday, the place where I assume beauties are all over, since I really like the type of Chinese there, the style and looks.

As of now the afternoon’s outing is cancelled due to the weather forecast. I should have organised it for yesterday. I shouldn’t have waked up so early as well. Life is always a regret and fate is always playing a fool.

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