Out of jealousy

It rained for so long again yesterday. I wanted to go straight to the third storey to work out after I got back to Tanjong Pagar so that I needed not go down again. I climbed up the stairs feeling so proud of myself that I was finally so hardworking and answerable to my physiotherapist.

As I reached the fitness corner, a couple were there. The sudden “sianazation” dampened my enthusiasm as I turned back and walked off. It wasn’t nice to interrupt even though it was a public place; I wouldn’t want it to happen if I was any of them. They were so lucky to have companion.

A rainy day, at a nice and quiet place, love was filling the air. But how could they do this to me, showing off their love? That was the first and last chance I gave them.

Please change your hideout next time, scandals!

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