Have you tried putting a tube into your mouth, through your throat and into your stomach?

It was a sucky day. Early in the morning I heard Shep wasn’t pleased that Rajoo had signed my off pass for the previous day and the problem was he did it in his own account, moreover, she wasn’t around so often. I didn’t know what the big fuss is about. Almost everyone seemed to be able to communicate with me and understand me a little, except for her.

I tried to get 007 to sign my off pass since Shep wasn’t around, but he insisted me to wait. I explained that I needed to go home to get changed first, therefore needed to leave earlier, but he wasn’t compassionate at all. After an awkward scene, I finally went back to Rajoo to sign it.

I went to the new medical officer finally to update my status. After explaining all my pains and showing him my x-ray films, he refused to give me any medical status. He only would do something if the specialist had said anything. Therefore, I had to go for the upcoming range. When I asked him for some cough syrup for my more than three months of coughing, he didn’t ask anything about it. I asked the medic if I could find out if I were on the waiting list for downgrade as promised by Captain Kenneth, he said this ORDed guy bullshitted to everyone a few months ago.

At least, I got to go home in time, met up with my mum and left for the hospital. I was weak all over since I hadn’t taken any food since midnight. After registering at the counter, I dozed off for a while on the sofa. It was around forty-five minutes later; I went in for the challenge.

There were four persons inside the room. The first thing I asked for was a blanket. I tried to find out everything, the procedure and my after condition, which made me sound like a coward. It didn’t matter, as long as I went on with it. Something was sprayed into my throat to numb it and then my worst fear, the needle, went into the back of my right palm. They stuffed something into my mouth and it began.

My view was somehow blocked by one of their hands but I knew the tube was going in. It wasn’t long before I could feel something inside my stomach. Occasionally I felt like vomiting but they tried to calm me down. Soon, it ended. They took the equipments off my body, including the pressure checker on my thumb and the needle.

I was pushed to the resting area but soon, one of the nurses told me to give up my bed. I sat on the floor to put on my shoes, having the same feeling as when I was drunk. I had some biscuits and tasteless Milo which burnt my tongue. Next was some conversation with a few friendly middle aged nurses and an auntie waiting outside for her relative. I had to pay four bucks for warding.

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