Stop buzzing around my ears

I just reached home after bringing Jack downstairs for a walk. It had been long since he last took the lift.

My elder brother brought him down daily ever since he ORDed, until he started working as a qualified insurance agent. My mum often joined them right after work and did exercises at the fitness corner at the third storey. Running about on the rough ground helped keeping his nails short as well.

I was intending to bring him down yesterday afternoon before going out for dinner but some guys from the town council made me drop my idea. They stepped right at my door just when I was going to get Jack his leash.

The old men could start a market like how women could make enough noise to wreck peace. They were complaining about the stuffs at the corridor, which might lead to breeding of mosquitoes or fire out-break.

Being reasonable, I explained to them politely that my mum wasn’t around and I couldn’t decide whether what items could be thrown away. I tried to listen to what they wanted to be done so that I could convey message to my mum, but a few of them kept nagging to throw some of the empty flower pots away and even rudely took some away. One of them even talked about fines in an indirectly threatening manner, which I hated.

I almost died of putting smiles on my face. Words were repeated over and over again. Luckily a few of them were still quite polite except with bad breathe. I really wished I could do something about it because they did make some sense but I had to respect my mum.

I hated it when people mediated at my ears when it wasn’t my fault and when I had the intention to correct it and had tried before. They didn’t know they were messing with a person who couldn’t stand things not done correctly.

I’m not supportive about growing so many plants. Even though the government is promoting “Green Life”, it doesn’t pay to help out in growing plants; instead, it draws attention of all the council people to come and nag because of the large number of dengue fever cases.

And of course, the junks have to be cleared away, but it’s for convenience and not to prevent smokers from starting fire with lighted cigarettes. Smoking should be banned long ago and the town council people have failed BADLY to stop smokers from smoking inside the lift.

The sad thing is my siblings and I have communication problems with my mum that she always filters off words.

The town council should really do something more about smoking, the long term torturing and killing process. Since they appear to be so hardworking, I shall go pester them about it when I’m free and see how they go about stopping the inconsiderate and selfish smokers inside the lift.

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