The rainy day's outing

The first person who came after me was Ruoci. She was getting plumper each time I saw her, no doubt, still as sweet.

It was the first time I didn’t expect for many turn-ups. I took out my notebook from my bag and started striking off names – I had given up.

Though I had reproached Weitat again and again, reminded him the night before and gave him two morning calls in the morning, it was useless. His excuse was that he was waiting for Junrong, so he would be late anyway.

I gave a call to Kailin before I realised she was intending to go in by herself. I gave a call to Kachua and he told me he wasn’t joining us anymore since Sembawang was raining. Whereas for Pauline, I betted she planned to go in by herself as well.

I could no longer understand human beings. Sometimes I questioned myself on the logic of life; I wondered if the organiser should be informed of changes. I didn’t know if I was foolish to continue.

Often, I felt awkward waiting for people. It had come to an extend of causing phobia. The fact of being the first group to reach and last group to leave the meeting place gave me illusions of people mocking at me.

Ruoci and I proceeded on without waiting. Her desire for a beach game after two months of exile gave me the chance to travel with this beauty. The most disastrous journey was the plain uncollectible one, without a camera on my hands.

It wasn’t meant to be a day for beach outing anyway. The drizzling rain with the strong wind glued Ruoci and I on the table under the big umbrella. Andy joined us in a scramble game and I prepared for an amazing kite flying glancing, which disappointed me.

As the rest arrived, namely Weitat, Siewchin, Kailin, Wilson, Pauline and Junrong, we lowered the umbrella and some of them started playing Uno as the rain started to smash like stones. I hadn’t played with Junrong for months, not even to get to see him, but this time it was fated.

We decided to leave the place since the dark clouds had conquered the whole sky. I was freezing with numbness on my fingers. However, the group of us hooked on to an ice-cream seller near the bus terminal. Having to smuggle the ice-cream up the bus 97, I treated my bag to some of the ice-cream clumsily.

It was a high price to force Ruoci to join us in the movie. After purchasing the tickets, we had a quick lunch at Long John Silver’s, where Huiqin joined us. It was a rare chance to sit besides Ruoci inside the theatre since both of us didn’t like to go for movie. The “40 years old virgin” was luckily not a horror movie since Siewchin aka Ren Yao was sitting at my left side. I laughed wickedly when she told me she was having a cramp.

Junrong left with Ruoci after the M-18 movie. Wilson and Pauline once again gave me confusion of their relationship. Sometimes when I turned back, their walking distance was more like strangers but sometimes, Wilson was cracking jokes with her. It was great to see them being together again but not if they were going to quarrel daily again.

Moving on to the big candy shop at Millennium Walk, the chocolate captivated my mind. However, I knew my own body too well to not take too much “heaty” stuff and in order to work on my big saving plan; I kept the remaining dollars on my wallet.

Kailin was the next to leave. The remaining of us, Wilson, Pauline, Siewchin, Huiqin, Weitat and I went to the food court at Marina Square. The couple took their dinner while we were enjoying the night scenery. The Esplanade looked good at that angle.

Huiqin played around with her ex’s IXUS camera. It was really sharp and simple. It reminded me to study on how to adjust the setting of my brother’s Olympus when he returned. It was such a shame that I didn’t know how to produce product that was up to my expectation after so long, and the greatest function I used was the ten times optical zoom.

I enjoyed the night though the weather had spoilt the outing. I realised a small group outing was quite beneficial to hearts’ contentment as well.

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