The restrictions

I’ve been typing more lately. The television set fails to distract me as often as in the past. The main reason is that my elder brother is busy with his work and no longer spends so much time at home to watch television shows. Partly, it’s because my younger brother has cancelled the SCV subscription.

My mum is always complaining about my brother’s job not able to bring any money home; I think otherwise. Doing insurance job can actually earn a lot if the dealer can speak well; looks is one of the factors too. The salary is accumulative and each deal of $70 monthly insurance equalunt to $420 pf income for the first year. However, with the huge umber of people in the line, it’s a tough fight.

I feel quite sad for my elder brother when the SCV subscription is cancelled. It’s kind of his only form of entertainment to watch soccer matches and this scrap saving might not be a gain in some sense.

Though I can have better concentration now, it isn’t enough to perfect my work.

With my elder brother’s rearrangement of the furniture many months ago, I had to sit on the 2 mattresses to use the computer. Without a back rest, my back injury forces me to lie down every short interval to rest. Since the 2 mattresses were stacked together, there isn’t any hollow space below for me to tuck my legs in to rest.

My brother has tried to solve this problem by buying a chair stuffed with tiny round styrofoam but it doesn’t help much. I put it besides me to lean sideward and it leads to more sleepiness. It has been a habit to fall asleep.

The bar of the double decker bed is restricting my hands from using the keyboard correctly, and with the sideward leaning, I use the “backspace” key more often than any others.

Another supporting bar of the bed on top of the latter one has also prevent me from sitting most upright, such that my view on the monitor won’t be blocked.

It’s somehow a good experience which nobody would ever experience but since I’ve had enough of it, I’m going to do something about it when my back gets better.

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