Ultimate lover

I used to be a flirt, dating many girls at the same period of time, which people usually describe as timer.

Fiona Xie was one of my earliest girlfriends and I really loved her for her great figure. She had all that a perfect girl should have, and extra meat to train up fingers.

Next was Boa, who amazed me with her charismatic. She was so stylish and charming that I couldn’t take my eyes and hands off her. She was one sweet little spicy babe who I couldn’t stop kissing.

Not to be missed out, I had an enjoyable period of time with Jolin Tsai some years back. She was so hot and huggable that I had to spend some time with her everyday without fail. Due to the fact that she had caused severe lost of blood through my nose so often, I had to dump her.

One of the sweetest affairs I had was when I was with Ann Kok. This sweet creature had a hot body and she could satisfy me with whatever I wanted for her brilliant brain so caring, considerate and creative.

I had once ditched Shuqi for I couldn’t stand her naked pictures being distributed worldwide. Her earliest movies had deep impact on our relationship as well. I must be the most stubborn guy on earth.

After which, I started to dated Zhang Ziyi. Her sexy voice and tremulously good featured face scared me out of my wits when I thought I was in the heaven, meeting a fairy.

The only girl who had dumped me was Yi Nengjing, who discovered my date with Liang Jingru. I hadn’t regretted on the date for it was such a wonderful night. I didn’t like girls who had tattoo on their bodies until I saw Jingru’s, which was right above her butts.

I once almost had a fling with Priscilla Chen, but her acting as a nerd in one of the series shows freaked me. She was so beautiful and often reminded me of Ann Kok, but I couldn’t undo the spoilt impression.

I wanted to try on Japanese girls but time couldn’t permit me. As I went into Hollywood stars, I got so shagged each night that I decided I should pause my love invasion for some time.

I used almost two months to spend each night for the last time with each of my girlfriends before I initiated and hurt their hearts. It soon became a daily routine that I felt nothing about being bastard.

I gathered back my shattered love finally, and thrust them into Jennifer.

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