When love fails

It has really ended this time and I can’t do anything.

I fail to keep tracks of the number of years they’ve been through. I’m too shocked and reluctant to accept it again.

It’s a normal issue, has been occurring over and over many times, and everytime I know they’ll be back together again. But this time I’ve lost that feeling – the confidence that love can put lovers together.

Everything seems too fragile now, that nothing can last.

In fact, it’s a relief to me, him and her. I’ve no worry that they’d do anything foolish to spike each other again. Their daily quarrel has come to an end after all these years and they’re both released.

Though they’re true towards each other, their mindsets can’t compromise with each other’s. Each time they try to tolerate, their distance lengthens. There’re no point dragging on for a few more years and end up separating in greater torments.

I hope they’ll be fine after all, start afresh and live better.

This strengthens my belief of inevitable events, that efforts and devotion don’t count.

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