Who let the dog out?

I encountered the first time being threatened to be charged.

This mad dog striked me when I was still so sleepy. Though my courtesy had gained his unreasonable lost of temper and the unexpected loud barking volume had somehow woke me up from dreamland, I belittled his threat.

I was all prepared for the theatrette event and everything needed were tested out the day before. Though the timetable crashed during the afternoon, Ivan said the 8SIG people had aliased with the doggy and I expected him to demand for another mini theatrette at the very last minute.

Indeed, the mad doggy did a last minute stun. He had sent out invitation to all the visitors without informing the office for booking. Suddenly he called and demanded for the main theatrette. I was fine with it and with our professionalism, it could be set up in a few minutes unless special requirements were stated.

We met him outside the control room’s door and his reaction had taken me unaware. I regretted so badly for my sincere smile and greeting, as for my love for animals especially dogs. I knew I hadn’t done anything incorrectly but still, since army was fucked up, I decided not to argue, but to nod at his barking.

It was bullshit. He didn’t book the theatrette for the morning and no last minute request should be entertained, if not only he was pitied for the invitation already sent and since the slot was empty. Also, it had been a trend for organisers to approach us to state any requirement a day before but Mr Doggy didn’t seem to be bothered with his event.

Yuqing and I managed to set up everything smoothly soon. I took the initiative to ask the presenter if he needed a microphone but he claimed that it wasn’t required. Since Doggy was the person in charge, I enquired him as well but he gave me such attitude and refused to give me a direct proper reply despise my so respectful and courtesy tone.

I supposed Mr mad doggy wanted to lodge a complaint for the “late” opening of the theatrette, which wasn’t in the schedule. I supposed our backfire would screw his balls.

Yuqing told me mad doggy was alone having his lunch, which was too insignificant for me to notice. I couldn’t help thinking he was an abandoned dog because of his attitude.

It just puzzles me why someone would give attitude to others. If it’s a form of winning, then he must be the greatest loser on earth. He loses all the respect and willingness for others to help him.

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