Working with good people

It’s always good to work with good people. I mean those who will never put you in difficult position no matter what.

The youngsters from 2SIG are so friendly and easy-going that really put my mind at ease whenever I’m working with them. They don’t play around with ranks just like friends. They’re the ones who I’d do my best for every small detail. I grow up in such environment that mutual trust and respect are practised.

Recently I’ve met 1W0 Tan, who treats me more like a friend although he’s the course commander of a platoon, who many trainees are wary of. He’s always anxious about work and somehow put extra stress into me, but I respect his professionalism a lot. He has also been trying to guide me along and give suggestions to improve on things, though he doesn’t know my situation that I’ve very limited power. Life would be good enough if everyone is similar as him, that I’ve errands to run which will give me satisfactory and know I’m always kept safe.

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