A friend in hell

Someone put his arm across my neck, seemed so close like a buddy.

I turned and realised he was Staff Elvin. When did I become so close with him? I first talked to him less than half a year ago when he forgot to return the keys. That was the only bunch of keys I was waiting for and luckily he didn’t bring them home.

We walked out to the bus-stop together and then he told me how he planned for his life. I assumed his promotion was faster than usual people but he wasn’t going to renew his contract anymore. He had a push on me for he did some self studying during his free time to upgrade himself.

Over times, the short and simple greetings, chats and concern seem to have improved our relationship.

It’s so cool life can be – people can get along so well without much interaction. Through looks, through first impression or maybe the manner and respect through the first conversation, you can feel the friendship somehow.

This closeness is the motivation and health spawn to live on, in this time of loneliness in the corrupted place. Together with many other kind souls, especially those of higher ranks, they really make it a better place; of course, still not good enough to stay on.

Till now, I can’t believe he can be so friendly and he’s behaving like just my age – the drive and liveliness make this happen. He has never put on air, instead, acting more like a brother to me.

Sadly but fortunately, he’s leaving the hellish place soon and all we can meet up is one day per week when he’s clearing leave.

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