A wake of life

Mike woke me up in a flash of time. There were so many things that he could teach me and I realised I could do more. I was reminded again I was falling behind time. What I had been were earning me nothing; perhaps some compliments were nice but definitely wouldn’t fill my stomach.

This drive I’ve to maintain, I’m going to advance beyond my limit. I’ve to start pushing away my current work, set them aside and incline for work that can bring me to greater height.

These few days I’ve to sort things out and prioritize my time. I need to stay focus and not lose my concentration. I need to battle against my tiredness. I need to change my mindset and perhaps try to get back my form like in the past when I feared no weariness. I need to overcome my migraine and brain block. I want to be a great man.

Girls, I’ve to avoid, making sure no liar would affect me. I need not be afraid of losing my chances, because there isn’t any for me since day one. Nothing’s going to bring me down. I designate my own life, my future and I’m the man who will create miracle. I’m nothing with my poor knowledge, and background, but I’m still the man, who would struggle and not accept defeat.

Man does wise up every now and then. I can never be a puppet or clown for life. I love appreciation but rarely anyone would give it to me sincerely. I’m off to find my own life, the route to light, heaven or paradise – be it what you’d consider.

This route might lead to coldness. I don’t know what could become me if my caringness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness and other positive attributes are gone. As for now I know I’m not as helpful as in the past anymore. This is what some sensible friends have advised against selfish ones.

Whatever the outcome, I owe Mike some credits for sure. He’s someone who will never be selfish to share his knowledge and ideas, someone who should be appreciated.

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