After guard duty

It had been so coincident that when I stayed overnight in camp, things changed in my house. After Range was the arrival of the two dwarf rabbits. Last week after guard duty was the moving of my computer from the “computer” room to the living room.

My elder brother had it all done by himself. I wanted to do it since long ago because I couldn’t keep sitting on the bed when I was using the computer without a back rest and proper space to place my legs. Another motive of mine was to avoid going into the room since he brought his girlfriend home sometimes, and also that room was stuffy.

On one condition if I were to move out of the room was to remove the ultimate big and bulky fish tank. However he just pushed the fish tank towards right and cleared up the left side of the table to have enough space to put the computer set.

I felt it was cramp and I couldn’t put my other stuffs on the table. The telephone my mum had bought for my request was still inside the room, whereas the living room had only a cordless one; I hated cordless phone. The height of the chair and keyboard weren’t suitable as well.

Others things were also pushed out from that room – the two computer tables, such that the room was now more spacious and neater. I didn’t know where to keep my old lecture notes – those that of my polytechnic and *** driving course day etc.

Nevertheless, there were pros to the shifting. My back could finally rest on something when I was using the computer, certainly helpful for long hours of usage. I’d never be as tired as sitting in the bed, leaning by my side. I could also finally place my hands on the keyboard properly.

The weirdest thing I realised on that very day was the missing Jack’s cage. My brother could have brought him out somewhere but I got a feeling it was more than that. At night, I asked, and it was to my institution that Jack was given away.

The shock had stabbed right into my heart. Jack had been accompanying us for more than a year, creating mess at my house as well as laughers. He who kept me entertained when I was bored or lonely was then with someone else whom I didn’t know. For all the furs he dropped badly and inability to be toilet trained, it was a right but unacceptable decision. I didn’t even have the chance to hug him before he left. The pain was simply unbearable.


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