After range

I noticed some changes upon returning from range on Wednesday night.

Firstly, when I switched on the newly reformatted computer, there was error. I had to restart it a few times and upon success, I saw the Half-life game’s shortcuts. I knew the installation of the game was the cause of the problems. I wanted to maintain a clean registry but it seemed impossible already.

Secondly, one of the three pairs of shoes I washed before range had gone missing. After some time, I realised they were on the floor with socks tucked in. Someone had obviously wore them. That was my only pair of indoor shoes and also the only pair of shoes that was suitable to play volleyball. The other pair of Mizuno shoes was kind of worn out and they were just like shoes made of thin rubber on the bottom. Whereas the Brooks ones weren’t good for moving about.

Lastly, I saw a cage on the floor with some vegetables. It was only a day after, that I noticed another cage near the door. There were two rabbits inside. At first I thought my younger brother had bought them in order to replace his passed-away-months-ago one, but I figured out that the new pair of rabbits were bought by my elder brother’s girlfriend.

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