All in a mess

The aching wouldn’t stop. I woke up with a bad cough, which finally worsened after so many months. Respiration was problematic.

I was late but I couldn’t do anything more. Someone had tapped with my alarm clock before it could drag my ill up from the recuperation.

It was the start of an unpleasant day, perhaps; once again my mind was playing with myself. This job had trampled my personal life so much that it brought my mood down once again. Army – I really hated it. It wasn’t as if I had a choice.

Well, the theatre was supposed to be opened early in the morning. I had told Chen De about it but he didn’t mention anything about who should be doing it.

I guessed I had to do it myself, but this weariness refused to let me be the hero. I seek help from others. Kwang Han had to sacrifice his morning jog which could let him rest until ten. However, he didn’t make it to the first bus as well.

Jonathan helped us to prepare almost everything. We did the rest as to test the microphones and all that. Suddenly, we were informed of the change of time to the afternoon. They didn’t even console Ivan, the timetable planner, to make the decision.

There was in fact some flame of fiery in my thorough body. And that this thing kept flashing through my mind that I shouldn’t be worried about anything since even the second I/C didn’t care. It had always been this case that my mind really went nuts and I refused to listen to advice from all my true friends.

This tiring morning when busyness caught me, the flu pushed my temperature up. I felt like dropping down any moment with my head landing on the table. Yes I really did.

But when things went out of hands again, I pushed myself and soon forgot about everything. I wet myself with sweat when I tried to find medication for others. Life went on and the dumby lived on.

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