Another babe

Sometimes I really wish I can move house, perhaps, to the opposite block – block 4.

I was on my way home just now and met this short girl. From the back view, she wasn’t impressive at all. I tried to rush home and didn’t take much notice. It was until I was crossing the zebra crossing near her block that she suddenly reappeared and gave me a shock.

Needless to say, she was a beauty. Though her figure wasn’t very good due to her waist, not that bad anyway, her overall image kind of drew me to her. She was in this jean skirt that made her seem sportier. I became so much of a stalker and kept turning back to see her as she climbed the stairs to leave my sight.

Maybe she wasn’t stylish enough to give me the urge to go forward, nor did I have the guts to. That was just something special about her that made me so curious.

I quickly moved and took the lift up, removed my boots, gutters and socks before I rushed to the kitchen to find out which unit she was staying. Living in high storey seemed to be the jinx that I failed again.

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