Another bad day

Today was a freaking bad day.

Having sleep for only two hours, I went back to the office because Yuqing and Kwang Han didn’t want to rest anymore. They stayed in camp overnight while I rushed home before midnight, thus they had more sleep. I supposed we deserve a morning range rest but we didn’t ask Shep anything.

I was surprised to see even the FFR cables were left lying around and when Chen De asked me to keep them in the temporary store room, I had more visitors. Having such a bad backache, I still helped to carry the chairs for the officer cadets when they needed it and I wondered so much of my stupidity for my voluntarily. Timetable was cocked up by Mr Tommy as usual and I had to wait for Ivan to come back from duty clerk rest before we worked on to rearrange the classrooms.

I answered Shep’s call and she was “surprised” that I didn’t report sick for the day. Since I’d gotten used to being misunderstood in the army, I didn’t care much about how she really doubted my integrity, but it was really unfair to me even if she was just joking. The fact was that Tze Siang was the only one who reported sick after the bloody range.

Into the afternoon, didn’t finish my lunch due to stomach uncomfortable. I started doing my work at the TRMS office, where cold sweat dripped. It was amazingly quiet for most of the people weren’t around except for Ivan and Shep. I tried to finish off my stuffs fast in case people might accuse me of “eating snake”, but the harder I tried, the more errors I got. Before I left the war zone, I realised Shep mean that off pass must be signed before ten in the morning everyday and not just for the last day.

The worst came in the evening when I noticed Mike hadn’t returned the keys for one of the rooms as usual. I called him and he promised to get back to me soon as he had told his trainee to do it for him earlier on. While waiting for the call anxiously, I received other calls, and I was informed that I was put into the guard duty list. The army was torturing me when my back was giving me enough problems and I knew the inhuman MO wouldn’t help me at all.

Mike called back and I knew I had to inform Shep about the keys even though he promised he would take responsibility for anything lost and I assumed it was no big deal after all. When I called Shep, she lectured me for not letting Staff Quek to settle it. She just gave me this idea that I needed not report to her for anything anymore. I was quite lost. Ever since Staff Quek came, we worked under his command and had less contact with Shep, such that she thought we were slacking.

I waited on for the last key surprisingly. Kim Hock didn’t inform me of them having overtime duty but I assumed they were still working overtime. I could have left earlier but this shitty day I waited until around six, one of the Lectora guys came to return the key, saying that he had been searching for his camp pass in the room.

I quickly left for the DO room after that and realised the TRMS office keys were still at the admin office. I didn’t rush over since the bus was already coming. I prayed hard for the staffs to come over soon but only until around twenty minutes later, Raymond and Alex arrived.

When we reached the bus-stop, I realised I had forgotten to bring along the box of instant noodle Rick helped me to buy from Taiwan. It wasn’t safe at all to keep them in the camp since there were rats and I was so fed up with people asking me to give them. During my ROC trip the previous time, I didn’t bring enough money that I didn’t buy a box for myself, and instead, helped others to buy. This time, I couldn’t sacrifice again since I really wanted to share the good stuffs with my family and maybe some buddies.

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