Driving and riding

Shit! I got to drive again! It was bloody cool!

I had a busy morning, carrying stuffs around again. I was testing the fire, the aching on my back that I refused to give up. It wouldn’t start immediately and so I tried to endure that I could feel the strengthless back once again.

Then, we were told to move the old computers including some very heavy servers over from the medical block which was so far away. We were given nothing, except for the five men’s manpower. Having some common sense, I suggested borrowing vehicles from the MT-line. Quek called Shep, who called the MT-line but could only indent for the afternoon.

I wouldn’t do thing which was impossible, refused to give up, I took Yuqing and Kwang Han down for a tour around the parade square. I approached the Terrestrial team but they were busy conducting lessons and they couldn’t lend us a Unimog. A few drivers waved to me and I thought they were greeting other people instead; it was a moment of embarrassed because I thought they couldn’t recognise me already. I approached them but they didn’t have extra vehicle. Sam was there conducting test and I sounded out to him and he gladly lent us one of his four landrovers. Next was the problem with the key because the drivers were already gone. I ran to the other end of the parade square where the Unimogs had blocked to look for the safety rover’s driver but the vehicle was gone. It was just seconds of time when I saw him drive back. Faizal – this great man lent me his key, which was fit for all rovers.

I started the driving. It was the credits of Yuqing and Kwang Han that I didn’t fail to switch on the signals before making any turn. I almost forgot I had to clutch in to change gears. It was a smooth journey. I took quite a long time to park nicely and I knew I could actually do it better without any instruction. We switched drivers, where Yuqing took my place on the journey back and Kwang Han made the next attempt to the medical centre. I took the last ride with everyone loaded up and felt so disappointed after stalling the engine twice.

Anyway, it was all thanks to Sam and Faizal that the work could be finished in less than two hours. I was also very touched when my colleagues repeatedly warned me to be careful of my back and not to over-exert myself.

Just when I was leaving camp, I met Jaiyat Singh who sent me to the MRT station with his bike. It was so cool with the air hitting my body, doubtlessly more fun than driving a car.

I don’t know which driving license I should take up – class 2 or 3. I’ve already had skill to drive a four wheeled vehicle and had a higher chance to pass; however the price would drain off my saving and my family doesn’t even have a car for me. Whereas to ride and support a bike is much more affordable, therefore would more likely be my future mean of transport.

From another point of view, when I’m driving a car, my left hand can be placed on the passenger’s thigh; whereas when I’m riding a bike, the passenger would be hugging me from the back. How interesting.

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