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Thursday, November 10, 2005
ATTN: Cassandra
first of all i must apologise for hacking your email and msn account. i figured that you have the same passwords and this is the only way to get your attention since you didn’t reply to all my mails. i must also stress that i didn’t mean any harm. i just want to be your friend. i only have one request – to meet you once. maybe coffee? don’t worry it would be in a open public area maybe in town. when you meet me i promise you will get your email and msn and blog back. email me at vincentliaw21@yahoo.com. hope to hear from you. (just meet me once, and if you never want to see me again i promise i will not bother u.)
posted by PpG at 3:54 PM
It’s never too good to be pretty. Poor Lan 姐 …
How desperate this guy can get. Luckily he’s not a gay. It’s not cool at all.

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