Last week, be the last week hopefully

I’ve been typing outdated journal entries. I’m lacking of sleep and each day the shortage accumulates to give me a hell heavy head out of sudden. My daily stories haven’t been detailed enough to remind me of the happy events when I want to revive the memories in future. I’m just so lack of time and concentration before I can get some good rest.

Last week was a tough week as expected. The guard duty and the moving of computers in camp. There was dinner out with my family and then Jianwei’s birthday chalet the following night. The next day I didn’t manage to catch a wink of sleep and proceeded to the beach. At night was long hours at the Karaoke. I couldn’t adapt to wake up late and therefore I woke up early and eventually made myself more tired than ever.

The worse thing was the exhaustion in camp. Carrying twenty-three computer sets from level six without using lift and other heavy loads to be shared among only three persons, I’ve to agree labourers in the army is cheap. Injured men are supposed to work too.

The stupid thing was that, I had planned to finish them within two days but we actually worked so hard to finish them in half a day. If the task was given to Lionel, I guessed he would probably take more than a week to finish them. And at the point of time we were sweating so badly, the rest were asleep.

My knees on the recovery mood have worsened once again and I don’t know how to get my money from the upcoming IPPT test this Friday.

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