My sleepy dinner

I almost couldn’t make it home.

That was exaggerating but it seemed quite true actually. I used to be able to withstand lack of sleep, but no longer could I be so determinate again.

Life sucks? I’ve lost my enthusiasm. Yes I’ve matured more but it gets me wearier than ever. I’ve grown sick of things and definitely my mindset has changed – I don’t know for the good or bad.

I need more rest and especially more time to write down the topics on my mind. I store them too long that everything has begun to rot and by the time I try to write them down, everything seems vague.

My mum wanted to have dinner outside again, but this time my brother’s girlfriend joined us. I didn’t want to spoil all the fun. Back to Chinatown as usual, the fish head kept us waited for almost half an hour. I didn’t know why they must go on the expense when they were complaining about shortage of money. The two plates of sting rays were hot and the beancurds with the prawns were fantastic.

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