On the move

One Kailun is equivalent to hundred cute boys. Girls don’t want cute boys, they want mature guys.

I try to grow up, analyzing words from others and doing self-reflection. I’m sensitive, but girls prefer guys who can sweet-talk.

I brush up my language, try to impress upon them; they push me away, for they say love is a kind of feeling which can’t be forced.

I used to be naive. I offer helps without thinking and sometimes it’s for wrong persons. I’ve never spared a thought for myself; I’m enjoying the happiness of others. It has been such that sorrow has over-ruled the joy, I fear nothing than to burst in agony.

I’m still in the process of upgrading myself, to a level which I’m able to survive in this hectic world. I’m still learning how to enjoy myself and to live through each day optimistically.

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