Preparing for Range

I’d a tough time washing my shoes, not one but three pairs. Moreover, I scrubbed them with all I could as usual, draining off almost all my energy, to make sure they looked as clean as possible. Maybe this was the reason why some people didn’t want to wash their shoes, so that they could last longer, unless the stain and dust would eat the material up. I wasn’t so hardworking if not for my holy birthday night’s mess. It was my philosophy to do everything once and for all, so I decided to clean the other two pairs as well.

I had my pouch for wash up too but I didn’t know if the material could hug the water. I decided to take a rest and clean it when I was free again.

Before I could take my bath, my brother’s friend, Joshua, had approached me on a web design project. This was when I realised I was really so slow on my server-side programming learning process. I hadn’t even started any yet. Anyway, the project seemed interesting because of the service of the company itself. If only they had approached me earlier…

I had a bad time packing up stuffs to stay overnight in camp for the next few days as I was going for the RANGE. My back ached so badly after washing the shoes. I couldn’t help thinking of the evil doctor who gave me the useless painkillers and refused to excuse me from the RANGE.

I don’t mind going if not for the pain and inaccessibility to the internet for the few days. Even though I know my handling of the weapon can’t get me the $200 for the marksman award, I’m able to stay away from the shit work in the office. I want the money!

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