Range is good if you’ve a group of friends with you. There’ll be entertainments like jokes and unexpectedness. Together, you chat and laze around to enjoy moments of slackness. Sometimes, it’s just good to be in the outfield. Even when picking up the empty cartridges, you can have lots of fun.

Of course, there’re lots of demerits as well. If you can’t be a sharp-shooter, it’s pointless to go. You’ll be missing your internet and bed for days. When you think you can finally rest well in camp since you don’t have a computer to work on, you realise you don’t really have the time to.

I did get annoyed when everyone tried to stuff their stuffs into my poor bag. I got this fear that it might break anytime and I didn’t want to waste any money getting a new one. And the fact that it became so heavy added burden to my back and legs injuries, and the bulkiness limited my movement. Nobody seemed to be considerate. Apart from this, I was always being asked to take out and put back stuffs, which seemed that I was being taken granted of.

The condition of the place was so bad that there were only benches to lean or sit on, torturing backs to a level that I almost couldn’t endure. Then I had no choice but to lie on the bench on the last day. The only thing I could do was to curse the doctor and pray for his future child to suffer the same fate so that he knew how cruel he had been.

It was boring life after all. I planned to write a lot but my back didn’t permit me. The noises and the open space killed my creativity. It was good chance to catch up with all the nice people but I persisted on to my writing. Then I dozed off.

I sighed for my lost of two hundreds bucks.

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