Sam Toh

I was surprised to receive Sam’s entry on my guestbook – I had never even expected him to visit my website.

This ass loves to act cool in camp and often tries to spite me to anger. He’s a great liar who claims that he graduates from polytechnic but I heard he was from a college – a brainy in disguise.

He’s not a bad guy after all; alternatively I should use “nice and funny” to describe him. You can always crap with him, and so far, he hasn’t shown any temper in front of me.

He’s a regular customer of my department, that’s how I get to know him. Through the ROC trip during June, we’ve become better friends and I’ve even shown him my cowardice at the tall game machines.

Though we always tease each other, I’ve always regarded him as my very good friend. He’s more than what he always appears to be – a real thinker.

He has personally supported my outing though there wasn’t any girl who attended. He’s someone who I want to befriend of, especially outside camp hours too.

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