Saturday morning

I must thank Anqi and Haohao for accompanying me on yesterday very early morning.

Anqi is the only girl who will go out with me just to help me pick and buy stuffs for my female friends’ birthdays. I don’t know what will happen after her ‘A’ level examinations; will I have a friend who will really keep me accompanied or will she meet out with other friends everyday to celebrate?

Which other girl is willing to spend time with me? I seem to have two horns on my head, or perhaps the Death Star shines on me. Who else will tell me after my hours of useless craps – “I know you’re not that shallow”?

It was that morning my brain was almost numb. I wanted to find a chat-mate and since I had passed by her place, I approached her but I didn’t say many things. It wasn’t the effects of the alcohol, I was just clueless.

I watched the siblings talked, witnessed how funny they were with all the arguments over the titbits to buy. Once again, I felt the pace of my life lagging behind so much. Just in a few more years’ time, Haohao would be doing better than me.

It seemed that when I was alone, I had more things in mind, which I wanted to pour out to somebody – anyone. That morning when I left for home, everything flashed back to my mind again.

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