Sunsetbay and K-ster

I was finally down at the beach again. Weitat was late for hours as usual, but we didn’t wait for him. It was so exaggerating as we were meeting 1.30pm in the afternoon this time and he was still asleep by then.

Sunsetbay was crowded with competition and only one court was available. Anqi was there with Haohao and her friends whom she abandoned. Together with Huiqin, Kailin, Tze Khit and an ang moh, we played by the side of the last court. It was the beginning of the sand invasion towards my eyes and I felt so protected by my spectacle in the past.

We started playing in the court without Haohao. I couldn’t really do much with the stiffness on my knees caused by the ultra hard work in camp the day before. I was doing well with the setting for Tze Khit before they made me the permanent one and my nervous mind started to fumble. I wasn’t used to play with the ang moh as well even though he did very well in his blocking.

It wasn’t long before my gastric problem aroused again. I managed to continue playing but the pain got me more strengthless as time passed by. Weitat arrived and did his warm-up very well but not in the actual game.

When we finally lost, I went to the toilet and eventually got better but it was too late to recover my strength. I didn’t play well anyway but was quite glad to touch the volleyball again after so long.

I talked to a little boy who I couldn’t figure out his words. I asked him for his name and then age but nothing from him sounded like English or Chinese. I thought he was a foreigner until his mum spoke up from far. He loved to play passing the ball with me and then I figured out he was singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – this was a great discovery.

We idled for quite some time in the darkness before Weitat and I went to take our bathe. We met up with Kailin and Huiqin before leaving for Harbourfront Centre for dinner. Tze Khit, Anqi and Haohao joined us after some time. After dinner, my Honeydew Sago became Honeydew Nata instead due to shortage of ingredients.

I had an uncomfortable night because nobody had informed Kok Chiang about the change of date for the beach. I thought Weitat had informed him and since Anqi said the movie outing supposedly to be scheduled on the same day was cancelled as Kok Chiang wasn’t free, I assumed he wasn’t going to the beach as well. I didn’t know how to explain to him.

We walked to the bus-stop and poor Haohao had to go home by himself. I didn’t know if primary six was considered big enough a not, but I felt so much like sending him home first, however, decided not to display my stupidity.

We went to Lucky Chinatown Plaza for Karaoke session. The girl who served us looked blur but she amazed me by remembering all the drinks each individual of us had ordered. The selection of songs was good but not the sound system. We couldn’t even have the original voice of singers to help us get the rhythms of the songs.

Tze Khit impressed us with his fine manly voice but the song he chose were all English oldies which almost none had passed by my life before. So, all the English songs belonged to Anqi and Tze Khit whereas almost all the Chinese ones belonged to the remaining four of us. All of them made me feel inferior anyway because I really couldn’t sing.

It was after 2 in the morning that we stopped. My mum called me right on time. They took cabs home, whereas I strolled along the pubs to my house. By then, my vision wasn’t clear anymore and I realised my eyes were reddish.

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