The new boss

I had a fun time tearing CPU apart last Friday. Nobody would believe that was the first time I removed RAM, fan, graphic and sound cards from CPU.

I may be handling computers for more than twenty hours per days sometimes, but I can’t risk opening them up in case I accidentally spoil anything that I can’t afford.

Shep and 007 weren’t around and it should be a slack day which we could sleep inside the office. It was different with this new boss who had to take care of us as well as to answer to the top. He was the most hardworking person I had ever seen.

Quek is not more than fifteen years older than me I assume. Being a regular with the rank of a staff sergeant who just got married a year ago, he’s the role model of us. He has great knowledge over many things and he’s never like other officers who throw work at us. He’s well-organised and has great visions, even plans to make our lives easier.

One thing I can’t stand about him is his initiative to do work by himself. Yes, he’s setting very good example for his men but it’s stupid to carry all the heavy things by himself. It’s going to very sad to see another guy who suffers from injuries like me. Everytime when I see him carry bulky and heavy stuff by himself, I feel so uneasy.

Is this a reverse psychology which some people think? I’ve a weakness for this.

Somehow he’s quite similar to my character, except that he’s much more capable. We strongly believe we can’t depend on others to get things done, just that I always fail to do things by myself.

Things are getting better so far and Quek has told us he forecasts everything would be settled down soon – I don’t know. Since long ago before my injuries worsen, I’ve always thought the shit would be over soon – it never. It seems to me that the suffers would end only after my ORD date.

There’s always something more that I can do, I know for sure. I can’t sit down there and wait for time to pass. I want to finish everything off before I sit back, not slacking around and let things drag on. But I do get tired.

There’re also facts of ugliness Quek might never know. We can never measure or ensure completeness of fairness but we can at least moderate it. I just hate it when things get too far away and it’s always this case. I don’t know – what to say and how to solve it.

In the afternoon, he didn’t call for us anymore but I didn’t want to let him clear up the junks inside the temporary store room alone again that I stood by there. Indeed I had a tough time shifting the computers – at least thirty monitors.

When I was instructed to remove the parts from the CPU sets, I asked Yuqing along. I brought down tools and managed to break the Abloy locks and Yuqing was having fun cutting them after we had finished our jobs.

It’s a tough path ahead and especially this week when I’m having office duty and then guard duty. Birthday celebrations are on as well and Irwin might be arriving at Singapore any time. There’s eventually a way out, where I brave through all the hardship…

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