The selfish thought

Sometimes the acts of a person could be so disgusting. Self conscience could be the missing item that selfishness was able to invade and conquer the entire mind.

What he does is all that answerable to the boss in the surface but not his colleagues and that they’ve to cover him up so often. So much for the inconvenience caused, yet he never appreciates – he never learns.

If you were tasked to fix up a working computer with all the parts in the storeroom, would you instead just grab the one in the office which everyone is using to hand over? You know someone else would eventually get another set for the office and that makes him or them indirectly finish your initial job.

How smart but how sinned?

I’m not having anything against him but the ways he handles and tries to achieve his gains are too inconsiderate.

It’s fair enough to try to slack through the NS life since everyone’s being forced to serve; but it’s never an entitlement to push your share of work to the others, or even create extra work out of nothing. If you think you’ll only need to suck up to your superiors and thus you can abuse your colleagues, you’re a goner in this world that you’re going to be hated, maybe not shown but always in everyone’s minds.

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