There're some damages

“There’re some damages,” the specialist claimed. He seemed to bring me back from my sleep.

I waited more than an hour while I slept on the chair upon sitting down. To think that I was actually earlier and I got so frozen up in the end.

That guy’s attitude was quite alright but the crowd outside made me want to leave the room soon so that others could get home earlier. Sometimes I felt silly.

I expected no stomach ulcer but perhaps some minor problems since I had weird pains often and when all prepared, this doctor just sounded my problems to be so serious. He showed me the photos ripped from the product of the video camera that had toured my throat and stomach, which were quite impressive.

There was nothing he could do able it, just merely gave me the same gastric medicine and expected me to go back six weeks later, which I was reluctant to, not when others would assume I was trying to “chao geng”.

One unhelpful’s helpful advice from the specialist was that I shouldn’t be smoking or drinking. Damn the smokers?

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